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May 15, 2011


Sexuality and Access is a two-year, Trillium funded community development project that seeks to improve the health of Ontarians living with disabilities (PWDs) who use attendant services and the workplace health and safety of personal care attendants (PCAs), specifically around issues of sexual health.


About the Sexuality and Access Project

This project begins with two related ideas. The first is that sexual health is a part of overall health, and that people with disabilities who use attendant services have an equal right to access information, support, and resources about their sexual health.

The second idea is that PCAs are in a unique position as they are called on to deal with issues related to sexuality in the course of their work often without any support or guidance from their agencies or from their clients.

In short, no one is speaking about sexual health and in this silence everyone loses.

Sexuality and Access was developed to address this silence and support the needs both of people with disabilities (PWDs) who use attendant services and personal care attendants (PCAs) providing those services when it comes to healthy sexuality.

The goal of the project is to give Ontarians with disabilities greater control over their lives by providing them and their personal service attendants with the skills and knowledge to protect and develop their sexual health and safety.

We’re doing this through a unique participatory action research project aimed at discovering the most relevant issues for all parties and the development of a flexible education program for both communities that will improve communication, health, and safety of PWDs and PCAs as they address sexuality in their lives and work.

This project is funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

This project is done in partnership with the Centre for Independent Living in Toronto, Niagara Centre for Independent Living, and Independent Centre and Network.

Springtide Resources is a United Way Member Agency

Contact Us

Fran Odette, Project Coordinator                    f.odette@gmail