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We would not have been able to carry out the Sexuality and Access Project without the support of Springtide Resources and the support and funding of the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Our greatest appreciation and thanks go to the over 400 people who agreed to participate in our survey, and the 14 people who further agreed to be interviewed on camera for the Sexuality and Access Project video. The topic of sexuality and disability remains underground for so many of us, and communicating honestly about it involves risk taking. The cumulative impact of multiple systems of power and marginalization leaves many of us feeling both ashamed and afraid to share our experiences. In sharing their stories with us the participants showed fierceness, generosity, and humour. We hope that this summary manages to convey at least some of what they have to say.

We are grateful to our advisory committee who helped us develop the questions that formed the basis of our survey, got the word out about the survey to a wide and diverse range of attendant and attendant service user communities, and provided valuable input as we worked to represent the rich and varied stories and experiences that participants shared. The summary is more thoughtful and nuanced for their participation.The members of the advisory committee are as follows:

Anne Abbott, Community Member (former member)
Jan Angus, University of Toronto (former member)
Kirk Ashman, Community Member
Sandra Carpenter, Centre for Independent Living Toronto
Anne Marie Covello-Baxter, Niagara Centre for Independent Living
Alessia Di Virgilio, Community Member
Dan Lajoie, Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region
Lenny Olin, Community Member
Maureen O’Neil, Niagara Centre for Independent Living
Valerie Scarfone, Independence Centre and Network
Destiny Shackleton, Community Member
Sandy Stauffer, Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region
Tracy Warne, Sherbourne Health Centre

The process of reading through the transcripts and responses of the over 400 people who we surveyed was both exciting and exhausting. Loree Erickson, Tracy Warne, Fran Odette, and Cory Silverberg formed a working group to organize the material. Our task was to sort the data with as minimal influence as possible, allowing perspectives to be documented and voices to be heard. Loree and Tracy were patient and challenging collaborators in this process and we thank them for their contributions.

We are deeply indebted to the 29 people who participated in the first training sessions that we offered in the fall of 2011 across Ontario, many of whom continue to collaborate with us and each other.

We want to acknowledge Lisa Seto, who prepared a careful and astute review of the available literature in the area of sexuality and attendant services (which you can find in the Resources section) .  We also gratefully acknowledge the guidance of Samuel Lurie who helped us think through the initial training content and format.  Zoe Hamilton Wool helped us think through structure, editing, and contributed to several other parts of the project including our beautiful DVD cover.  Alison Kooistra’s sharp editing skills made our survey summary and training manual much easier to understand and use.

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