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About Us

The Sexuality and Access Project was a collaboration from the very beginning.  The inspiration for the project came from many conversations, formal and informal with friends and colleagues who both provide and use attendant services in a variety of ways, as well as staff and management of attendant service agencies.  We were also inspired by two projects in particular (not coincidentally both were supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation): the Speak Up Project a collaboration with the Anne Johnston Health Station and Augmentative Communication Community Partnerships Canada, and the Our Compass project from The Griffin Centre.

In the first two years of the project the work was produced and managed through Springtide Resources.  Fran Odette served as the Project Manager and worked in collaboration with Cory Silverberg who was the lead trainer and writer.  Both Fran and Cory continue to work on the project along with over two dozen peer facilitators who received training in 2011.

Fran Odette is a trainer/educator on issues impacting women with disabilities, with a particular focus on VAW and disability. She received her MSW from Carleton University where she found her passion working on issues related to the intersectionality of gender, sexuality and disability. She is the Manager of the Women with Disabilities and Deaf Women’s Program, which provides training, material development and consultations with service providers who are interested in enhancing their capacity to provide inclusive services to women living with disabilities and Deaf women fleeing violence. She works closely with women’s services and disability related organizations on issues such as violence against women with disabilities, access to services, sexuality and body image. Finally, Fran is part-time faculty in the Assaulted Women and Childrens Counsellor Advocate Program at George Brown College, Toronto.

Cory Silverberg is a certified sexuality educator, writer, and trainer.  He is currently non-disabled and comes to this work both as an ally as well as someone whose life is intimately and happily entwined with Disability.  Cory was a founding member of the Come As You Are Co-operative. He received his Masters of Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. He is currently chair of sexuality educator certification for the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT), and teaches on topics including sex and technology, sexual pleasure, and sex and disability across North America. Along with Fran and Miriam Kaufman, Cory is the co-author of the Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability.  Cory can be found online at, where he writes and blogs about sexual politics, education, culture, and health.

Springtide Resources promotes healthy and equal relationships by engaging diverse communities in shared educational strategies designed to prevent violence against women and the effect it has on children. Springtide Resources is a United Way Member Agency. Learn more by visiting Springtide Resources website.

Ontario Trillium Foundation is one of Canada’s leading grantmaking foundations and an agency of the Government of Ontario.  Their mission is to build “healthy and vibrant communities throughout Ontario by strengthening the capacity of the voluntary sector, through investments in community-based initiatives.  Learn more by visiting the Ontario Trillium Foundation website.

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